1. National Communications Personality of the Year – Ultimate 
  2. Corporate Communication & Marketing Professional Of The Year (Male & Female)
  3. Corporate Communication Personality Of The Year – (Public Sector) 
  4. Corporate Communication Personality Of The Year – (Private Sector) 
  5. Outstanding Woman In Communication Leadership Award 
  6. Corporate Communication Team Of The Year – All Sectors/Industry  
  7. Corporate Communications Team Of The Year (Private Sector- Gold/Silver /Bronze)
  8. Corporate Affairs Team Of The Year (Public Sector – Gold/Silver /Bronze)
  9. Outstanding Communication/Media Education Personality
  10. Industry-Spotlight Award (Emerging Corporate Communications & Marketing Professional Of The Year)
  11. CSR Campaign of the Year 
  12. Crisis Communication Response of the Year 
  13. Advertising Company Of The Year 
  14. Innovative Marketing Company of the Year 
  15. International Communication Campaign of the Year 
  16. Marketing Campaign of the Year 
  17. Marketing Industry Leadership Award 


  1. Cyber Security Consulting Company of the Decade
  2. Cyber Forensics Company of the Year
  3. Emerging ICT Company of the Year
  4. Mobile Data Service Provider of the Year
  5. Enterprise Solutions Provider of the Year
  6. Cyber Forensic Technology Solutions Provider of the Year
  7. Wholesale Infrastructure provider of the Year
  8. Unified Communications Provider of the Year
  9. Wireless Infrastructure Provider of the Year
  10. Payments System Innovation of the Year
  11. Metro Fibre Infrastructure Company of the Year
  12. Cyber Security Consulting Company of the Year
  13. Excellence in ICT for Sustainable Development
  14. Telecom Support Company of the Year
  15. Innovative Card Product of The Year
  16. Fintech Company of the Year
  17. Mobile Money Leadership Award
  18. Internet Service Provider of the Year
  19. Digital Bank of the Year
  20. Innovative Product of the Year
  21. Excellence in Cyber Security Initiatives
  22. Mobile Banking App of the year
  23. Innovative e-payment solutions Provider of the Year
  24. ICT Manage Services Company of the Year
  25. Innovative Data Centre Provider of the Year
  26. Africa Infrastructure Company of the Year
  27. Network Operations Team of the Year
  28. Digital Transformation Team of the Year
  29. Telecom Tower Hall all of Fame
  30. Outstanding Contribution to ICT Reporting
  31. Most Promising Customer Services Professional of the Year
  32. Most Promising Technology Professional of the Year
  33. Datacenter CEO of the Year
  34. Outstanding Contribution to the Data Center Industry
  35. Datacenter CTO of the Year
  36. FinTech Person of the Year
  37. IT Professional of Year
  38. Fintech CEO of the Year
  39. Telecom CTO of the Year
  40. Women in Technology Award
  41. Industry Personality of the Year
  42. Public Sector IT Leadership Award
  43. CEO of the Year
  44. Outstanding Woman in Cyber security
  45. Cyber Security Personality of the Year
  46. Digital Leader of the Year
  47. Digital Man of the year
  48. Digital Woman of the Year
  49. Tower Company of the Year
  50. Software Company of the Year
  51. Ecommerce Brand of the Year
  52. Best Electronic Retail Brand of Year
  53. Telecom Support Company Of The Year
  54. The Access Innovation Award – Broadband Connectivity
  55. The Social Contribution Award – Technology
  56. Financial Services Software Provider Of The Year
  57. The Beyond Connectivity Award
  58. Information Technology Company Of The Year
  59. Metro Fibre Infrastructure Company Of The Year
  60. Innovative Payment Service Provider (PSP) Of The Year
  61. Outstanding Payment Service Provider (PSP) Business Leader Of The Year
  62. The IoT Innovation Award
  63. The 5G Implementation Award
  64. Digital Bank Of The Year
  65. Young I.T Professional Of The Year
  66. Innovative Product Of The Year
  67. Digital Marketing Personality Of The Year
  68. Digital Transformation Team Of The Year
  69. Digital Leadership Award – Company
  70. Cyber Security Consulting Company Of The Year
  71. Public Sector Service Delivery Innovation Award
  72. Driving Technology & Innovation In Manufacturing (All Sectors) Award
  73. Driving Technology & Innovation In Service Delivery (Public Sector)
  74. Technology-Driven Company

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