Criteria for Selection at the 5th National Communications Awards 2023 – Ghana Digitalisation Edition:

Excellence: The nominee should have demonstrated excellence in their field of work within the communications industry. This can be measured by their achievements, impact, and contributions to the industry.

Innovation: The nominee should have showcased innovation in their approach to communication strategies, campaigns, or technological advancements. This can include the use of new technologies, creative ideas, or unique methods that have positively impacted the industry.

Leadership: The nominee should have displayed exceptional leadership qualities in their role within the communications industry. This can be evidenced by their ability to inspire, motivate, and influence others, as well as their strategic vision and decision-making skills.

Impact: The nominee should have made a significant impact on the communications industry, either through their work, initiatives, or contributions. This can include measurable outcomes, positive changes, or advancements that have benefited the industry or the wider society.

Adaptability: The nominee should have demonstrated the ability to adapt to the evolving digital landscape and embrace digitalization in their communication practices. This can include the use of digital platforms, social media, data analytics, or other digital tools to enhance communication effectiveness and reach.

Collaboration: The nominee should have actively engaged in collaborations and partnerships within the communications industry. This can include working with other organizations, professionals, or stakeholders to achieve common goals, promote knowledge sharing, or drive industry growth.

Professionalism: The nominee should have maintained a high level of professionalism in their work, adhering to ethical standards, best practices, and industry regulations. This can include their conduct, integrity, and commitment to delivering quality communication services.

Reputation: The nominee should have a positive reputation within the communications industry, characterized by trust, credibility, and respect from peers, clients, and stakeholders. This can be based on feedback, testimonials, or industry recognition.


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